Bitter, old, and ill, George Benson has lived a life of regrets. But on Christmas Day 2013, he will get the chance to change the past when his grandson finds a time portal. George steps back, many many Christmases ago, to the day the woman he loved died...but the woman isn't his wife..



A cyberterrorist kills a junkie and engineers a malignant source code based on her DNA. But to keep the code a secret, she must destroy her victim's body before FBI agent Mary Gilbert can trace her.     


The Pack

Twelve Angry Men meets Silkwood in this suspenseful courtroom drama. When a son testifies against his mother, a predominantly reluctant jury is forced to debate"is second hand smoke a murderweapon?"   


Sonnets in the City 

A documentary that charts an ensemble of young, New York City actors, through rehearsals to performance, as they search to find personal meaning and wisdom in fifteen of Shakespeare's sonnets.  


Rain Without Thunder

In the year 2042 abortions are illegal. A young, pregnant woman and her mother attempt to go to Europe for the procedure, and are convicted for kidnapping the unborn fetus. A reporter investigates. 



It’s November 21st, 1963, the day before President John F. Kennedy was shot. And it’s raining. Two brothers, Robert and Oz, meet up in a seedy hotel, while Oz is still simply Oz. Before he goes down in history as Lee Harvey Oswald, presidential murderer.


End It All Now

A man and a woman invent a power-source device so ingenious that it  threatens to put all energy corporations out of business. These corporations rally to form a conglomerate bent on killing their new competition, so the man and woman must hide, assuming false identities as...

...drama school administrators?   



Can't Get Enough

An obsessive husband is paranoid that his wife is cheating on him. But there is someone else even more obsessed... 


Videola is a mystery thriller; the Moody family seems to be missing one of their twin sisters, which starts to unearth unresolved tragedies from their past.



The 47th Floor

A genre-bending web series that twists together mystery, crime, historical drama, and sci-fi. On August 9th, 1945 a plutonium bomb explodes over Nagasaki, Japan, setting off a domino chain of crimes that impact today. 


Who Killed Juliet Matlin?

A middle aged female television reporter lives with an out of work Wall Street businessman. Out of curiosity and boredom respectively, they investigate the death of a film critic.  Hilarity, romance, and mystery ensue as the couple tries to discover 'Who Killed Juliet Matlin?' 


The Trainer

Jesse Leone is an troubled young actress. Drugs, hardcore partying, verbal assault of the police-- your usual Lindsay-Lohan-starlette-type issues. Ingrid Bogner is a trainer. A fitness fanatic and life coach who the courts assign to rehabilitate drug addicts. Jesse gets out of jail. Ingrid gets diagnosed with brain cancer. They both get stuck with each other. But, of the troubled duo, who is really training who?



This is the story of a Fountain Pen. A Fountain Pen's journey as it boomerangs around the globe from it's place of manufacture in China to Hollywood and back to China again. Follow Pen, as it passes from hand to hand, from life to life; leaving indelible marks on a suicide, a film set, an act of terrorism, and a plane crash.  



In a small New England college, a female psychology professor uses and abuses her students sexually and psychologically...until she becomes infatuated with one student, the one girl brilliant enough to figure it all out and expose her.